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  • How do I prep leather for painting?
    Step 1: Pour some rubbing alcohol or acetone on a clean rag/cloth. Step 2: Wipe your leather with the solution. Step 3: Make sure your leather is dry before applying paint. Check out our Guide on How to Prepare your Leather for Painting for more info.
  • Is Creative Nation leather paint water-based?
    Yes, and because it is water-based, clean-up is extremely easy after every painting session. Your tools will also thank you, since water-based paint is less damaging compared to non-water-based paint.
  • Why is my paint sticky when it dries?
    This may happen if your leather is not prepped properly before applying your paint. Make sure you have completely removed your leather’s shiny protective layer by wiping it with acetone/rubbing alcohol or lightly sanding it.
  • Is the leather paint waterproof?
  • How long will the paint last?
    As long as the surface is prepped properly, your Creative Nation leather paint can last for years!
  • Will the paint crack or peel after drying?
    As long as the surface is prepped properly, you can rest assured that your leather paint won’t crack or peel off once dried. Check out our Guide on Prepping your Leather Surface to learn how to get the best results!
  • Are the colors mixable?
    Yes! We want to enable you to fully express yourself through your art so we formulated your leather paint to be mixable. Create your own custom colors and paint away! Check out our Guide on Mixing and Layering Colors for more info.
  • Does the paint dry glossy or matte?
    Your Creative Nation leather paint dries down to a semi-glossy finish.
  • How quickly does the paint dry?
    If you paint in thin layers, it takes about 15 minutes. After your whole design is done, we strongly recommend letting it air dry for at least 24 hours before putting your leather item to use.
  • Will the paint work on faux leather?
    Creative Nation leather paint will work on all types of leather and, yes, that includes faux leather.
  • Will the paint work on other materials aside from leather?
    Your leather paint is especially formulated for leather but it will work well on other materials like fabric and canvas. However, we do not recommend using it on plastic and rubber.
  • What do I use to apply the paint?
    We recommend using your normal acrylic paintbrushes. To achieve different surface effects, you can also try alternative application techniques such as sponges, Q-tips, a toothbrush, etc. For more info, check out our Guide on Choosing a Paintbrush.
  • Any tips for getting rid of brush strokes?
    We recommend doing thin layers of paint at a time with clean and good quality paintbrushes to prevent brush strokes on your design. You can also use a heat gun or hair dryer to help level the paint as it dries.
  • Can the paint change my leather’s color from x to y?
    We get a lot of questions about changing from one color to another and the answer is always yes. If you’re going from dark to light, make sure to lay down a layer of white paint first to cancel out the dark color and make your light colors pop!
  • Will a bottle of paint be enough for my project?
    This is a tricky question because the answer will always depend on how big your leather surface is and the design that you plan on painting. For a standard pair of sneakers, 1 bottle of Creative Nation leather paint is more than enough to completely cover it.
  • Is the paint toxic?
    No way! Creative Nation leather paint is certified non-toxic, and fully conforms to the ASTM D-4236 standard that regulates arts & crafts materials.
  • My paint seems to be separating, what do I do?"
    No worries! If your paint has been left standing for some time this is completely normal. Simply shake your bottle of paint and you're good to go.
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